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This site is sadly neglected, but still active and . (2014)

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Check out Mona's new info page about the mural!

Here's her page showing photos

View the mural
See the 10/26/06 article about repairs to the mural

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Read a detailed article about mural protection & varnish
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lead artist Mona Caron
mural organizer Joel Pomerantz
organization that produced the mural
photographer Tristan Savatier
designer Molly Cooper

Bike Mural Timeline

1996 — Mural project planning begun

1998 May — Building completed and project begun

1998 November — Mural completed

1998 December — Mural crew awarded Official Commendation by the SF Board of Supervisors

1999 — 1st edition of mural cards published

1999 May — Mural awarded Best Mural award by Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center

1999 August — Mona Caron (artist) & Joel Pomerantz (producer) awarded the Golden Wheel Awards

2006 — 2nd edition of mural cards published (with self-guided tour on backs)

2007 Spring — Maintenance and renewal project

2013 Spring — 3rd edition of mural cards published with new photo quality

Make a donation to community muraling. As thanks, you'll receive these poster cards
The cards can be put side-by-side to make a 7'-long poster of the 380' mural. They have the full story of the mural on the back
See? (pass your mouse over the photo)
→ Complete captions telling what's hidden in the mural
→ Transportation history of San Francisco depicted in the mural
→ Techniques used to create the mural
→ 25 never-before-published photos relating to the mural process and details too small to see on the front photos.
→ Commentary on public art, by Mona Caron

The perfect gift for bicyclists, artists, and all visitors or San Franciscans!
(Especially those who live on the J-Church or N-Judah Muni Metro lines)
Photo Cards--7 in a set

View an image of the mural!

Located on Duboce Ave. between Church & Buchanan (back wall of 2020 Market St. in San Francisco, California USA)
Photo composite: J. Gordon Dean & Joel Pomerantz • Card back design: Molly Cooper [] & Joel

drawing by Mona Caron

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Mural Tours by Mural Project Coordinator, Joel Pomerantz
The only article on the Web with full details about how to protect murals!